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Can't see tv shows in unraid v 6.5 with plex

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Hi There...


so i have rebooted plex after it was working perfectly, however when i try to map /mnt/user/Media/TV/ to plex docker, the media shows up in plex but does not play, however, i have movies showing in /mnt/user/Media/Movies and it works fine.  I am not too sure what could be going on, the drives are working fine as there are two


I am new to plex so im not to sure what else to try


Note: majority of my movies are in here /MNT/DISK1/MEDIA/MOVIES, but i was told on reddit not to use this file location/path

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Also, this is posted in the entirely wrong area, you are lucky some of us forum junkies look for all new posts, not just where they belong.


Please read through and then post in the thread dedicated to supporting the specific docker that you are using, be it binhex, ls.io, or limetech's version.


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