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Cache Drive "Unmountable: No file system"

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Hello folks!


I am having issues. After a clean reboot, during which I added a fan to the case, my cache drive won't mount.

It is listed as "Unmountable: No file system".


I started the array in maintenance mode and ran the btrfs check and repair, per the help tips, but it didn't change anything.


My diagnostics are attached. Help would be appreciated!


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My Shares tab is entirely empty as well. (They are not accessible either, though they are still visible to network devices.)


I am not sure if that is due to the lack of cache drive as well. 


This is frustrating.

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I am following this guide to back up the contents of the drive:



I plan to reformat the drive when done, then copy the data back on.

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Don't see any problem with the cache drive on the diags posted, there is a problem with disk1:



Mar  9 21:37:09 MARKUS-PC kernel: XFS (md1): Metadata corruption detected at _xfs_buf_ioapply+0x9b/0x390 [xfs], xfs_dir3_block block 0x3902df240
Mar  9 21:37:09 MARKUS-PC kernel: XFS (md1): Unmount and run xfs_repair


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