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Can't access GUI and btrfs errors

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After testing a few months, I put my unRAID server into production use 2 days ago. This morning, my letsencrypt docker was not running. There were continuous read-only file system errors. As I cannot start the docker, I had to reboot the server using reboot button on the main page. Now, GUI is not accessible, but it is possible to ssh. 


As I cannot access the relevant page to download diagnostics zip file, please find below some logs from the server.


As seen there are btrfs errors. I have a a cache pool of 2x 1T Samsung Pro SSD which I bought 2 months ago.


What is the best course of action to resolve this problem?


I would appreciate any help. Thanks.





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14 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

Please post your diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics

I cannot access the GUI. Can I do that from cli?

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51 minutes ago, sse450 said:

Can I do that from cli?

Yes, type diagnostics and they will be saved to your flash drive.

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5 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

Yes, type diagnostics and they will be saved to your flash drive.

Diagnostics file attached.


I think I am more or less in the same boat with @WEHA. I followed your advise to him and mounted the cache pool with 

mount -o recovery,ro /dev/sdX1 /x

Then, copied all data on cache pool to a network drive. This is done on a proactive basis just in case your advice is on the same direction. If you decide to format and relocate the data on to the cache pool, I must tell that I don't know how to stop array and format btrfs on cli.


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Problem appears limited to the docker image, strangely immediately after the CA backup, try rebooting, at worse delete and recreate the docker image.


P.S. you're getting some call traces related to a kernel bug in that release, you should upgrade to latest rc.

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Posted (edited)

Fantastic advice. Deleted and recreated the docker image and containers fixed all. I am grateful.


By the way, upgraded to 6.5.1-rc5. How can I detect call traces? I mean what should I look for in the logs?

Edited by sse450

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