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unraid web panel not accessible from local external PC

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I apologize for my bad English in advance.


I've recently been trying unraid on my server and I was very happy with it except that my router, for some reason limit my local data transfer to 10 MB/s so I decided to connect my PC directly to my server because I have 2 ethernet port. Everything works fine now, I am having 90 MB/s upload speed to my server which is plenty enough for me but now I cannot access tower/ anymore (I tried the IP also). I can access is from the server directly with the GUI mode but I can no longer access it from my Windows 10 machine but I am able to connect with putty to WinSCP (to transfer files)


Does anyone has a clue why? I post a picture of my current unraid network settings.


Hopefully someone can help me, cheers.



unraid network setting.jpg

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4 minutes ago, singaplex said:

hat my router, for some reason limit my local data transfer to 10 MB/s

Sounds like your router only has 10/100 ports instead of 10/100/1000.  Simple solution is pick up a Gigabit switch, plug everything into it instead of the router, and then plug the switch into the router.

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yea indeed but that is not the issue I am having at the moment, I can't access my tower/ panel from external local source for example my current PC, I can only access it via my server.

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Alrite well now it's working, I think my cache from chrome was not letting me resolve it's for some reason, I am still confuse to why I had that issue, I've been playing with it for a few hours and just when I decide to post about it 5 minutes after it magically worked!


Thanks anyway, I will definitely look for a better router or get a switch. 

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