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I think I have a failing drive in my cache pool

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This evening some of my docker containers have stopped running and cannot be started or updated. I cannot write to my cache share any my syslog is full of errors similar to the below:



Apr 14 22:40:18 NalboneFS1 kernel: BTRFS info (device loop2): no csum found for inode 15934 start 0
Apr 14 22:40:18 NalboneFS1 kernel: BTRFS warning (device loop2): csum failed root 5 ino 15934 off 0 csum 0x8557df86 expected csum 0x00000000 mirror 1
Apr 14 22:40:40 NalboneFS1 kernel: verify_parent_transid: 10 callbacks suppressed


I have attached diagnostics. Is one of my cache drives failing and if so, how do I know which one? Also, what is the replacement procedure?


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Actually nevermind. I can write to my cache share just fine. A little more searching on my part led med to this guide on removing my docker image file and recreating it which seems to have solved the issue.

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