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How to Force Legacy Mode in BIOS

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Hi team,


I performed and upgrade to 6.5 and when I rebooted one of my drives is missing.  When I check the UEFI BIOS, it is also missing, along with my four drives on my second PCI Express SATA controller. Though strangely, the other three appear in Unraid.  (I think this is because I hot inserted an unmounted drive and never configured/mounted it, and when I rebooted, my BIOS got confused)


I cannot for the life of me figure out how to force Legacy mode in the BIOS so that I can enable the drive again (the one that is missing).  I have tried everything I can find in UEFI to see if I can configure it there, but nothing works, regardless of how I set my boot mode (Legacy and/or UEFI) in the UEFI.


So, I am stuck! Help much obliged.

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