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Confused about shares and folders on disks

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Currently, i have a two drives on my server, mnt 1 and a mnt 2, my tv shows are in here: /mnt/disk2/Media/TV/ does this have my disk 1 or disk 2 only? I thought when i set this up it was a mesh of both drives, i also have /mnt/disk2/Media/Movies which have my movies in it 


when i navigate to /MNT/DISK1/TV theres nothing there so i assume it is merged because the drive is about half full, i am pretty new to unraid so any advice or knowledge shared my way would be very helpful!


Sigh... my shit is a mess, i apparently have a media/movies here too /MNT/DISK1/MEDIA/MOVIES

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Old post, but the principle for disk aggregation is the same. User shares are now the default and preferred method to access the server, everything you do over the network should be accomplished using user shares, only mess with individual disks if you fully understand what you are dealing with.

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how does the share know to reference my folders?   it would be nice if everything related to my "movies" folder could be /tower/Movies

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20 minutes ago, gbdavidx said:

how does the share know to reference my folders? 


On your server, in the webui you can make user shares  http://TOWER/shares during creation process, or editing the rules later you actually setup the rules you want user shares to follow.  User share wiki is here https://lime-technology.com/wiki/UnRAID_Manual_5#Shares




As an example here's a screen shot of the user share I use for Steam games.  In this case, I specified a single disk for the Steam, and it won't use the other disks in my array (I did this because that particular is a WD Black, and most of my drives are Reds).  By default all drives are selected in your disk array. Another example I've, my media stuffs, I've done the opposite. 



In both cases I the shares show up as:




If I go looking in /mnt/disk#/media I will get the broken up directories, but typically one does not need to look at those - just bother with /mnt/user/.


I hope that help clear things up for you.

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Disk shares are normally turned off!!!  This is because there is a very easy way to lose data by copying between disk shares and User shares.  See here:




User Shares are the recommended method for all file operations  If you are using disk shares, you had best be a experienced Linux user and understand exactly what you are doing and how to do it.  



ANY top level folder automatically becomes a User Share. It does not matter how it was created.  If you are creating folder under Linux, you have to be careful about capitalization of Folder names.  Linux considers movies and Movies to be two different folders/directories.  Window only recognizes (and shows) only one of them!  Plus, it is a turkey shoot as to which one.  Any files in the other folder will be inaccessible!  

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