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Need to know which hardware (NAS) to buy to run Plex server

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I am new to this forum and need to know which which hardware (NAS) to buy to run Plex server on it.

NAS will be used to play and transcode 4k movies of size - 60 GB or more with Dolby atmos.

I need to check if the NAS can be connected directly to Anthem MRX 1120 AV receiver as well or not.

I am building a new home with a dedicated home theatre room including Anthem AV receiver and Dolby atmos 5.1.4 configuration speakers and Sony Projector in Australia.

I recently tied to run Plex server on Apple TV 4k with hard disk attached to my laptop; but it can't play 4k movies without buffering (as it tries to transcode the movie audio as well).

So, need to check if NAS can be the resolution for playing and transcoding big 4k movie files and if it can be connected to Anthem AV receiver directly and can show the video on projector. 

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