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Pushing CyberPower UPS to Grafana

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Hi all, I wasn't exactly sure which forum section to ask this in, so apologies in advance if this is the wrong place. I am wondering if anyone has an idea how to install CyberPower PowerPanel Business Edition on my unRAID machine?


My unRAID server is connected by usb to a CyberPower UPS which shuts the server down during a power loss as desired. However, I would like to install PowerPanel Business Edition for Virtual Machines so that I can push my CyberPower UPS's info to Grafana using Telegraf and InfluxDB (possibly using this docker, though I'm not sure if I can do it more directly).


I found this guide for setting this up on ESXI, but since unRAID can't load VMs from OVA or OVF files I'm not sure what to do exactly.


Does anyone know if it's possible to create a VM running centOS on Unraid and then install PowerPanel Business Edition for Virtual Machines within that VM and still push the data to Grafana running in another docker on the host? Or does anyone have another suggestion for how to monitor my UPS within Grafana? Thanks.

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