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tmux seesion / user support?

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New to unraid.  Very used to Arch linux.   I use Tmux to multi sessions/screen in arch and also in unraid.   The issue I am having, and I think it might be user thing.  If I log in via Root user and I start a tmux session.  The root user and my user do not share tmux sessions.  


Tmux new -s work

then tmux attach -t work.   

on my old system I could detach and reattach no matter what user and get to my sessions i belive.   But on this, The work tmux sessions are independent across users on unraid.   


I think I need to know more about users on unraid / redhat, and if it differs at all?   Advice?

I also notice that if I log in via root, and then ssh into server, colors and everything for text are set right.   If I ssh in via my other user. just plain black and white text.    Easy fix I know.  

I simply went to the user settings in unraid and made a new user.   Really not a ton of configuration you can do with users in the gui.  Is there a better plugin to better configure users?

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