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Docker br0 communication

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Hi everyone, I did some searching to find a solution but I havent found what I'm looking for.  I'm currently working at switching some of my docker images to have their own IP vs using the bridge networking.  I can get each docker to do so, and the dockers can communicate with the outside world, but they can't communicate with the unraid host or with the other docker ips.  For example: : ip address of my unraid server : ip address of first docker image : ip address of second docker image : my desktop - I can see this machine on my desktop, and using the software in the image I can tell it can communicate with the internet but it cant communicate with or


I'm sure there must be a setting somewhere I'm missing that allows communication between devices on br0.  Can anyone assist?

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OK, I fiigured part of it.  if the docker images are both in br0 they can communicate with each other.  Looks like not communicating between the docker and the unraid host ip is blocked by design.  Any suggested workaround if that scenario is required?  I think I can work around most of it with host path mappings.

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If containers need to access the same disk resources, then path mappings is the answer as you already indicated.


If IP communication is required the workaround is to use a second physical interface or VLAN interface, and configure this interface without IP address for unRAID. Under docker settings this interface need to get a different subnet assignment used for the docker containers. Keep in mind that communication between unRAID host and containers now runs via your router,  and depending on your router's performance may impact throughput.


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