ALTGR + q = (@) does not work in VM

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i have the following issue with my updates limetech server 6.5.0. I am not able to write a "@" in my windows 10 64 BIT VM.

I am from Germany, so i use a german keyboard and i am connect with VNC to my VM. I have tested the webbrowser VNC and other external VNC programms, also i have tested it from serveral clients with different keyboards, ist is not working.

If i press the ALTGR Button plus the Q it should write in Germay an @, but i only get the letter "q". But my main layout from the keyboard is germany, all other special characters are in the right place like (öäü), so i think it could not be an issue from a my settings.

The problem is that in germany you can only get the @ with this combination ALTGR+Q  (i hope you understand what i mean)

I have found this older issue

That points exact to my Problem and the combination ALT+STRG+q displays the @

So i have a workaround, but it is not the solution.


Do you have any hint for me? Does somewhere exist a translation table to solve this issue or could it be fixed i an next version?

Or do you know a VNC client that can handle this?



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