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What would YOU do

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Hej folks


I'm kinda torn about what road to take.

I've bought parts for a new server, it is an Asus KGPE-D16 board, with dual AMD opteron 6380 CPU and 256 GB memory.


Now my porblem is, I don't know if I wanna use unraid as my bare metal machine.

OR I am going to install ESXI, and then Unraid as a virtual machine, with passthrough for my harddrives.


The reason i'm leaning towards the ESXi solution, is because i'm playing alot around with virtual machines and servers and such.

With ESXi it is easy to setup a virtual network and install a bunch of servers to play around with.

Also I kinda feel the whole virtualization is stronger in ESXi than in Unraid.


What would you guys do. ?

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Depends on how you want to spend your time. Since unraid has KVM virtualization built in, and running unraid under ESXi is not directly supported by Limetech, you will be spending MUCH more of your time tinkering if you choose to run under ESXi.


Limetech doesn't forbid or actively thwart running under ESXi, but they don't test for it, and if a change is made that breaks ESXi support, it's up to you to figure out a fix, and whether or not that fix will be implemented by Limetech is dependent on how unobtrusive and easy it is to implement.


If you do run into errors in unraid, pretty much the first question is going to be, "does it still happen if you run baremetal?"

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Okay, so Unraid as bare metal.


So how do I go about switching the system, is it just as easy as plugin in the USB in the new motherboard, or is there something I need to do before ?

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29 minutes ago, Kaltar said:

So how do I go about switching the system


Switch from what? It isn't clear what system you want to switch from as you've only mentioned your new server. If it's an existing bare metal unRAID server, then yes, just move the disks and boot USB to the new motherboard.

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Okay, thank, it is an existing bare metal unraid server, it is just an old server, with just 32 gb ram :)

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43 minutes ago, Kaltar said:

is there something I need to do before ?


I'd run MemTest86 for a good long time. Given the quantity you have I'd run it for several days.

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