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I am in the process of cleaning up years of unRAID tweaks.


The way unRAID ships when you install mc and run it as "nobody" you have problems.


This fixes it for me and some variation could probably fix it for everyone. I dont remember if mc is shipped native, if not it should be.


#Fix mc running as nobody
/usr/bin/mkdir -p /.cache/mc
/usr/bin/mkdir -p /.local/share/mc
/usr/bin/mkdir -p /.config/mc



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yes, if you are working with array files you should run mc as the typical array file owner nobody and not root.


If you try to do this mc will complain without above fix.


As a example of my usage for content only


sudo -u nobody mc /mnt/user/downloads/ /mnt/user/movies/


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To be fair so did I for many years but I realised the 90% of my "mc" sessions were between 2 or 3 base locations so once I figured out the solution above I just setup a few aliases and now its second nature to type "unmcm" for "unRAID Midnight Commander Movies".


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