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At 3am did some thing stupid with my new 4244 Norco...

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Hi all - new around here so be gentle haha...


I inserted 8x drives and fired it up.  All good, until one drive wasn't blinking.  Ooops, I forgot the hot-swap bay screws for the 3.5" WD Red drives.

Now they are stuck inside and I can't get them out... ?


Ideas on how to get the drives out?



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All I can think of it to shutdown and completely unplug it. Then carefully take it apart. The drives may come out of the caddy, and the you have to pull the drive itself.

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OOps - yes, 4224.  It has been running great for about two weeks now, but in the event of a failure I'd have to do something for sure.  All the drives are off the caddies, now the question is how to pull the drives given how restricted it is from the business end.


There is nothing to grip onto.  I was wondering if a dab of epoxy and a bit of leather on the rear of the drive (or say 2-dabs, left/right) and slowly pull on the leather tabs.

Another option is industrial velcro but that just might not work.


D'oh... Thankfully, there's only 8 drives installed.

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The oncomand strips?

popsicle sticks down the sides?


I think the velcro would work, those sata connectors are not that much force.


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I would dissemble it - as in move or remove the fan wall.  Then unscrew the back plane and pull it out.  It the drive comes with it then you should have enough out to push it off the connector and out the front at that point.

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Take a pair of needle nose pliers and grab thje back after removing the tray. On one of my systems I had SSD inserted with no tray at all for awhile until an adapter was found and I could pull it out buried deep in the bay with a pair of pliers no problem. The insertion force is pretty near zero!

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