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Move disk inside Array.

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Hi all,

See image...

Due to the age of Disk 1, I want to push it down the priority of disks and move Disk 4 into Disk 2's position so it fills first.

I don't want to lose the data on the drives (although I do have an array backup.)
I do want to move all of Disk 1 data to Disk 4 before this process. Probably using Krusader.
What is the best procedure for doing this?

unraid 150518.JPG

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There's no need to move any files. Just do a new configuration with the data disks in the order you want them. Make absolutely sure you have the correct disk assigned as parity - your screen grab is a useful reference as it should the serial numbers and the current assignments. Select "Trust parity" and confirm. This will work because you have a single parity disk. If you still want to move files around then you can do so afterwards using MC or Krusader if you prefer.

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I seem to have survived that just fine.

Thanks very much.



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