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HDD spindown schedule

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I have a feature I've been thinking about for a while.

First the problem.

I want to use the spindown on my HDDs, I work usually 8 hours a day, and I sleep 6-7 hours,  :) so that takes off a lot of time that I don't necessarily need the drives to be ready on the go. However when I do come home, and start to use the system I want it to be ready, without delay, as it is now, it's not. It always takes some time for me to access my files, also because I chose to fill up my least used drive, which makes my files spread out(I want it that way). My option today would be to turn off spindown, but it seems like such a waste since im gone most of the day.


So what I thought would be nice would be the possibility to allow spindown during a set time frame during the day. For me I'd probably set it to allow for spindown from 01:00-15:00 just to make sure I cover all my changing schedule in life :) What that would mean is that from 01:00 the spindown timer which can already be set today in unraid would start counting.


This would allow me to have the spindown in use most of the time, but when I'm home and awake the system would always be ready to go!



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Would probably be easier to script a read from all your disks to occur a few minutes before you need access to the machine.

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Could be, but I wanted to suggest it as a GUI option to make it more user friendly... :) but thanks for the suggestion, would probably work for me.

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Posted (edited)

If you do it via a script then the User Scripts plugin can handle the editing and scheduling of the script(s) via the GUI.

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Posted (edited)

What I'm going for is a solution that don't require every user to make their own script for this.


I'm not sure how to make a script like that on top of the head, I also use a plugin for caching the directories already which would make simple commands such as "ls" not causing the drives to read.


Okay, so I solved it, might as well post it here if someone else wants to use it.


script is:

echo 1 > /mnt/disk1/awakedrive
echo 1 > /mnt/disk2/awakedrive
echo 1 > /mnt/disk3/awakedrive
echo 1 > /mnt/disk4/awakedrive
echo 1 > /mnt/disk5/awakedrive
echo 1 > /mnt/disk6/awakedrive


cronschedule is:

0 15-23 * * 1-5


I think I will add another one for weekends later.

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I added my script

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