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[unRAID 6.5.x] USB Port not working after Reboot

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Hello everyone,


first off my specs:

  • unRAID 6.5.2 (but problem exists since I installed unRAID 6.5.0)
  • M/B: ASRockRack - C236 WSI
  • CPU: Intel® Pentium® CPU G4600 @ 3.60GHz
  • HVM: Enabled
  • IOMMU: Enabled
  • Cache: 128 kB, 512 kB, 3072 kB
  • Memory: 16 GB Single-bit ECC (max. installable capacity 32 GB)
  • Chassis: DS380 w/ Cardboard Hack
  • USB Stick: Intenso Slim Line 16 GB


The chassis has two front panel USB connectors.


The problem:

After reboot, I have to switch from one USB port to the 2nd. Otherwise the stick won't register.

If I reboot again, I have to switch back to the first USB port (so I ruled out a hardware defect) otherwise boot to BIOS.

Rinse and repeat.


It was a minor inconvenience, since the server is sitting under my desk UNTIL I was at a  LAN Party, where the server area was located in another building.

I was running more in 2 days, than in that whole week, since I had to troubleshoot the server but could not ssh into it. A total nightmare.


So I am turning to you :)  Any ideas, what this is and how it is caused?


Thanks for reading, have a nice day :)

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I take it you're talking about a warm reboot. Does the port remain usable if you power off/power on cold reboot? Maybe it isn't being reset properly.


Have you tried the other USB ports (both 2.0 and 3.0)? How about the internal one, next to the SATA ports?

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