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VMs disappearing

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Hello all, I am having a weird issue with my VMs disappearing. The server boots normally, and my 2 Windows 10 VMs that are set to start automatically start up without a problem. I don't notice anything abnormal inside the VMs when I am using them.


But, if I shut down one of the VMs, suddenly the VMs tab in the webgui shows "no VMs are installed." Additionally, I can't get the server to power down or reboot using the console - it seems to accept the command but just sits there indefinitely doing nothing. Eventually none of the webgui will load (it gives me the "insecure connection" error) and I have to do a hard shutdown.


Here are my diagnostics - if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful. I'm happy to provide any additional info that may be needed.




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Your syslog only covers 30 seconds since the last reboot so there isn't much to see. Version 6.5.0 has a few issues, it would be worth upgrading to 6.5.2 and letting it run for a while. If you continue to have problems try to grab diagnostics. If that proves to be difficult try running the Fix Common Problems plugin in troubleshooting mode.

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