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[Request] Crypto mining with Substratum

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Hi there,


Long time no see ?


Is there anyone who would be up to the task of converting an existing docker to an unraid container for the Substratum blockchain network?

This will allow some resources of our machines to run an open-source network based on blockchain.


It's a really interesting concept that I hope will interest some of you ?

Especially since it has also a "mining" service that is "rewarding your computer resource" in your crypto wallet


Check out the github : https://github.com/SubstratumNetwork

Or some more explanations on their website : https://substratum.net/


So? Do you know anyone who would be able to setup an unraid docker for this? ?

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I'll look at it, I've already done two block-chain based container/templates so I'm already "dirty-ICO-enabler." ;) If it already has a Docker container making a template is pretty easy to do once you know what it is one is looking at. Have you used this blockchain/service/token/ICO before?  I.E. I guess I'm looking for assurance that it's not a scum-coin, even though it's being requested with-in community.  And, over the next few days I'll do my own research - sorry I'm always skiddish with new coins/ICO I haven't learned about yet. 

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Hi Jcloud,


Yes they do already have a docker container, I found it on their github here :


Since they just released their public beta I did not have the chance to try their product yet but I am eager to do so.
I've mainly used their token as a speculative asset on exchanges and I'm the kind of trader who bets on the products he believes in : Decentralised Internet, yup, definitely sign me up ?


I would like to run this mostly to participate to the idea of a decentralized web and if I can make a few bucks on the side... Well, as Saul said : it's all good man :-D


I completely understand the reluctance of jumping on this ICO or that token, please have a look at the project, don't take only my word for it.

As far as I can see it doesn't look at all like Bitconneeeeeeect ;-)


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