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Planning my first unRAID server - some questions?

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Hey guys, I've been researching Unraid for a while now. It's currently the top choice OS for my server build. My hardware is: i7-2600 w/ 4GB RAM, 2 x 8TB WD Red drives, 120GB SSD. In a nutshell, I want my server to be able to:


* Run Plex efficiently for 2-3 streams simultaneously (top priority).
* Act as a pirvate cloud storage which is accessible from anywhere on mobile devices for me and a few users.
* Access it remotely to change settings/check on it’s status.
* Download torrents via VPN. Preferably inside a docker container, so my cloud/Plex services run on the normal network.


Based on my research, Unraid seems like it can do all of these things with a fairly simple setup process. The idea of using Docker containers seems awesome.

One specific question I have is: when I first put together my server and install Unraid, should I preclear my two 8TB drives?

Other than that, if you have any suggestions/advice for me to get started on making this a reality, I would highly appreciate it!

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Hello and welcome.


That system should be fine for unRAID and your plans.  4GB is a little light, it’s fine to get started but that’s the one thing I’d keep an eye on.  Preclearing is recommended for new drives - it stress tests them and prepares them to be quickly added to the array.  It isn’t strictly needed though and I’d probably skip it if they are existing drives you have confidence in.  

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