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Windows 10 GTX1080Ti Poor Performance

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I have watched Gridrunner's videos and managed to passthrough an NVME as my OS drive and a GTX1080Ti to a windows 10 VM. The performance is really poor, I cannot get above 60fps in games such as BF1 and Far Cry5 or any other older games. At times the fps can get above 200fps but when the game loads it drops down to between 25-50fps regardless of whether I use 1080p or UHD. I have installed the latest NVIDIA software without any issues.


As the NVME is passthrough, I can load windows 10 normally without the Unraid VM environment and the card performs as expected, as soon as it boots from Unraid performance just dies, I have no idea why this is the case, any help would be appreciated.

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What else is running on UnRaid? Did you isolate CPU's for the VM?

What CPU are you using ? > Did you set the CPU settings to performance ?

Can you try to use the NVME as cache drive and install the VM there instead of just passing it through?


I also think that I don't get close to bare metal performance of my 1080 but it works fine for gaming so far. I'm running the Gaming VM on the cache drive consisting of 2 NVME in Raid 0 together with 6 other VM's. I pass thorough a 500 GB SSD as a sperate drive for games as they use a lot of space.


Did you watch these videos?




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What CPU are you running?

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CPU is 2 x Intel Xeon E5 2630 V3, I passed through 4 paired cores, 24 Gigs of DDR4 ECC Ram as well as the NVME and GTX1080ti. What I cant understand is that there is no increase in fps when I change down from UHD to 1080p even though I am running the latest firmware. I changed both CPU and GPU to performance and nothing really changes other that GPU utilisation drops from 90%+ to around 40%.

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