Synology Power savings vs Unraid servers?


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Hi all,

 i have been using Unraid for several years, I have two servers, one which serves as a backup to the main server. The main server which runs 24/7 has 20 drives and has a Corsair 1100 watt PSU (I think). I have been considering purchasing a Synology 8 bay NAS as a replacement to the main server (which even though I have 20 drives at 92tb, it is at 52% used).

 The synology would run Sonarr and back up weekly to the current main server.

 Would I see tangible savings on power consumption with the Synology? I live in California, so power is expensive :) .

Patrick McC

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Would you be able to spec out your "main server"?  That way we know what hardware your running.


A Kill-a-Watt meter could give you a look at what your actual wattage draw is.  For comparison, I've got a 800W power supply, but only pull 189 watts during most daily tasks.  I believe my TVS-871 was around 115-130W with eight 6TB Red's in it.  But with that said, completely different hardware...


There's a possibility you could reduce your power consumption... Just depends in your hardware and storage requirements are.

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