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Looking for Guidance on Accessing Windows VM on unRAID Server


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If I boot into the unRAID GUI on the physical server system, how can I actually access and use the VM given that the VNC option is no longer there in the GUI (due to GPU pass-through)?


Without a separate Windows OS/OS to the VM on this system (to use Splashtop or something), how can I use the Windows VM on the actual system? I use Splashtop from other computers, but this isn't obviously an option through the GUI.


Thank you in advance!

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You need to attach a monitor to the GPU you passed through, and also add a keyboard and mouse to the VM.

If you don't want to double up on your devices, you could get a KVM switch of some sort.

Or maybe your monitor will let you switch between two different inputs. Not sure how you could get dual use out of the keyboard and mouse in that scenario though.


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