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Enable Nvidia Gamestream on Unraid VM


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Hi.  I finally installed a windows 10 VM with Nvidia GTX 1070 on it.  I installed Nvidia Experience, and went to Settings, SHIELD, and I don't see anything.  Nothing to enable.  I am connected to this PC via windows RDP.  The NAS is far away, and don't have a monitor nor keyboard connected to it.  When using RDP, is it not possible to enable gamestream?


Please help.  Am excited :D

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I finally used Chrome Remote Desktop to control the Virtual PC on the NAS (still no monitor connected to it).  I was able to see gamestream, and enable it.  


I've tried downloading moonlight for IOS, and was able to connect to the desktop, and stream the desktop.  I guess this means no dummy plug or monitors needed.  Though I wasn't able to stream the game yet.  Will probe further.  Thanks.

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