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Encrypted XFS not Working


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I have started a brand new built with unRAID 6.5.2 and chose default file system "xfs - encrypted" under Setting -> Disk Settings.


After the array has been built - this is what I see.


Firstly, the array disks all show up as "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout" - as too the cache disk.




Secondly, the dashboard shows all the disk as active rather than "Encrypted".




Finally, I can't appear to create shares, docker services failed to start and VM services failed to start.




Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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It looks like the disks had already a file system on them.


Stop the array and choose "xfs - encrypted" for each disk instead of "auto" (see Main -> Disk X -> Disk settings)


Ps. Changing the file system of a disk, requires a format of the disk, and any content will be lost.


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