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Hello everyone,

I've a question regarding Zigbee2MQTT.

As I searched in the network how to custom configure some parameters, I always found they should be inside the configuration.yml

There you should see something like this for your devices:




Unfortunately in my configuration.yml I can only see this:



Probably I'm looking at the wrong file pheraps... but where is the file where you can configure the whole things?

Thank you in advice! 🙂

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As for unms:


1. Password strength requirement is too strict. I'm only ever going to use it on my LAN, never exposing it anywhere, so who cares even if my password is "password"?

2. OOTB I got a big fat security ohno from the browser, something about the HTTPS certificate being totally crapped out. OOTB it should just work straight away - use HTTP if you have to, but security warnings straight after a fresh install, is a terrible way to onboard users.

3. It's not detecting my one Ubiquiti device - a Wifi AP (the round PoE one, I don't know which one, but the officially-provided Windows software detected it just fine).

4. Why is the set of images that this docker is comprised of, so huge and slow to install? (and to update, presumably) Most dockers install within 5 seconds. This one took almost a minute.

5. It's constantly switching between light mode and dark mode.

6. Please don't call it unms, that's not an easily recognisable name in a list of dockers.


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Hi guys,

I've got a strange problem.

My current setup works fine but I have to switch my MQTT-server.


Therefore I download the configuration.yaml and changed the IP and the password. Then I uploaded the file and set the right permissions.


But then the docker will start but I can't enter into the webinterface anymore


Any idea where my fault is?


Thank you. 


Bildschirm­foto 2023-03-11 um 19.17.42.png

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