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Default VM Storage Path - Does not exist


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Recently updated to 6.5.2, checked my VM's and it was not running, looked in my VM settings at it said stopped and that the default VM storage path does not exist.


Followed this post, specifically this portion of it:



If you have VMs, go to Settings -> VM Manager, switch to Advanced View, and make sure all of the paths are valid. Here are the default settings, but make sure the paths below actually exist on your system. Without these paths, your VMs will not load under 6.4.1.  For more info see this

  • default VM storage path -> /mnt/user/domains/    (this is DOMAINDIR in \\tower\flash\config\domain.cfg)
  • default ISO storage path -> /mnt/user/isos/    (this is MEDIADIR in \\tower\flash\config\domain.cfg)


Checked in my \\tower\flash\config and there is a domain.cfg


Am I missing something?


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Thanks for the info, turns out my domains share was not added in my shares tab on my gui. Added my cache disk back on, rebooted, added domains share back to gui list, switched it to use cache off, rebooted, removed my cache drive again, rebooted again, and now everything is working!

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