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Expand information of Parity-Check History


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I would love to see additional information in the Parity-Check History file, adding the unRAID version and the number of disks in the array.


Besides the extra columns it would be great to have other significant array changes to the array in there as well time-stamped and all persistent after reboots.

I'm thinking of:


Unraid Software updates (from - to version and with date and time)

Disk changes: disk number X with Identification  Y replaced by Identification  Z

Disk Additions: disk number X with Identification  Y added to Array

Unclean shutdown with Date and Time


I'm sure others with actual experience in trouble shooting unRAID specific issues than me can chime in to make sure we have the most valuable info without creating a needle in a haystack situation!


Having this info will go a long way in trouble shooting all kinds of issues where order of events is key! Relying on human memory to figure out if and when certain events have taken place is not accurate or lossless option for trouble shooting issues ;)



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