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Read Errors on Parity and CRC errors on Cache

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Noticed some issues on my server that I haven't had much chance to look at but wanted to get some views on. 


My Parity 2 drive currently has 256 read errors. The drive is still online so I guess everything was corrected - I have looked at the SMART results and everything looks fine. Anything I should be looking at specifically in regards to this? 


The cache drive has/had some CRC errors and there are some files on there the mover doesn't seem to be able to shift. I don't know if the two issues are related somehow though. I have attached my diagnostics report. 


Any thoughts/insight would be useful.


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Parity2 is failing and needs to be replaced.

Cache drive needs a new SATA cable, but and likely unrelated there are also corrupt files, you can run a scrub to identify them but since it's a single device cache they need to be deleted or replaced.

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