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Docker issues and BTRFS

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I've been having issues with either my cache pool or docker set up. One or both of them have corrupted twice in the last week, the first time I had a BTRFS cache pool set up, and now I have a single cache drive (XFS). The end result is what appears to be a unmountable cache drive and the inability to start the docker service (both times with BTRFS and XFS).


I can't seem to trace the cause of this problem though, has anyone experienced this before, or is able to assist me with diagnostics?


The 2x SSDs are mounted on a Startech PCI-e card, and have been giving me trouble free performance up until recently. I've read that perhaps VT-d may be an issue, I only recently started using VMs, but not the VT-d facility itself. Maybe this needs to be switched off?


Thanks in advance.


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Posted (edited)

Made some changes to the system settings and config, hopefully one of these would have fixed the problem:

  • Updated to Unraid 6.5.2 from 6.4.1 (cache drive became visible again)
  • Updated Marvell 9230 firmware as per this thread here and here
  • Updated ASUS BIOS to latest version (from 2014 to 2018!)
  • Didn't disable VT-d as per Marvell thread (apparently disabling VT-d helps)
  • Moved VM disk image off cache and onto unassigned device SSD

Will report back if problems persist further.

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Update for anyone experiencing similar issues in the future - one of the fixes above has helped (I'm guessing the IOMMU error related fix, which is the Marvell 9230 firmware). I've been running a VM with constant processing and disk load and multiple dockers with no issues. This is with 1x SSD cache in XFS and the other SSD as an unassigned device in XFS for the VM.

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