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[6.5.2] Another freeze, can only hard reset

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Once again I woke up this morning and my unRAID server had locked up after 25+ days uptime, once again I'd been doing a lot of VM work the night before.


This time though I had been putting my System Log file on to the Flash drive so I can see what happened... and it shows nothing.


5am, last syslog entry - SSDs are trimmed

5:36am PiHole reports its last DNS query

6am, I wake up with no internet (because PiHole is down).


Checking the monitor it reports an xfs error, but once I reboot the server nothing is reported, and I'm sure once the parity check is done it will report no issues.


Here's the log up to the crash:



Here's the diagnostics:



Here's the screenshot of what was shown on the screen when I checked this morning:



This is really frustrating as I just don't know what to do to try and fix this as theres no real info.


Any help?



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I hadn’t, but I’ve just run it now, it didn’t take very long at all, this was the output, I can’t see any suggestion that it needs repairing:





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I would run memtest at least a couple of passes then to rule out memory issues causing this.

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I have run a memtest in the past (though only for a couple of hours) and didn’t throw up any errors, I guess it might be worth running it for longer?

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Another day another crash.


Had a drive failure last week, replaced the drive and Parity rebuild ran with no issues. Also took the time to pull the PCIE SATA cards in case they were causing problems and wired the (Unasigned) drives straight to the onboard SATA ports. 


All ok, no issues apart from the continued Call Traces from MacVlan because I run Pi-Hole docker on its own IP.


Last night I fired up a VM that I use for work, all ran fine, did what I needed for around 5 hours then shut VM down. A few dockers containers wanted to be updated so did that before bed. Woke up about 3am, some of the drives were still spun up but Server was accessible. Woke up at 9am this morning servers locked up, not accessible. Check the connected monitor this error is on screen...


Reboot server, check my persistent logs, 3:36 some drives spin down due to inactivity, then nothing more is logged.


So frustrating...



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