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[SOLVED] How do I add a second virtual hard drive to a Windows VM?

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I've been trying to use a single Unraid share for my games on Windows and thus far it's worked out great! Unfortunately, I've discovered a problem: Blizzard games don't support network drives. While on Linux this is a complete non-issue because of the way share mounting works, on Windows it's outright stopping me from being able to put my Blizzard games on my disk of choice, and may also be causing a problem with Warhammer: Vermintide and its sequel.


When I first made my Windows VM it went through a few iterations, one of which included multiple virtual disks to try to utilize those, however upon booting the VM I couldn't actually see those disks in the OS and so I abandoned the idea in favor of just mapping my steam library to the network share.


So the question: How do I get my Windows VM to see a second vDisk and use it as though it were a physical drive connected to the windows machine, as opposed to trying to do this as a network drive?

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VMs -> Edit -> click on + to add a second vdisk


You'll then need to go to disk management in Windows to partition and format it, and for the new vdisk to be detected you might need to reboot (not power down) your VM first if using Windows 8/10.

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Exactly what I needed, thanks!

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