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Windows Server 2012 - Connect outside the LAN network


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I'm trying to make a small game server with a Windows Server 2012 VM. The vm works fine, and I can connect to the game server on my LAN network. 

But when I try to connect from the outside of my Lan it just doesn't work. 


What I have done so far:

   - Opened the right ports, and bound them to the VM IP. (I know they're are fine because I've also opened some ports for some docker stuff and it's working)

   - Added the ports to the windows firewall as exceptions


I've also tried to do this with ubuntu vm for some different game server, but the result was the same. External connections just didn't work at all.


Since my docker services are working just fine, I know that my port forwarding is fine. I've been searching for solutions for a few days but with no positive results.

Anyway thanks in advance!

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