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AMD Phenom II PCI Passthrough


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The past few days I have been moving my Unraid setup from a Intel i5 system to a AMD Phenom II system.


Reason for this is I have decided to no longer use my Unraid setup for gaming as I just bought a Vega 64 and would rather not have my gaming computer running 24x7.  Please feel free to convince me otherwise. :)


Anyways, everything transferred perfectly.  I have all my disks and plex/dvr working correctly.  However, I tried to add a network card to enable me to move my PF Sense box to my unraid setup and that is where I am having trouble.  The network card is plugged into my PCI x16 slot.  I finally got the unraid server to ignore this card by setting "append pci-stub.ids=8086:10e8 initrd=/bzroot".  But when I created the VM and tried to passthrough the card to the VM I get PCI Passthrough is not supported by host.


Is this something that is not supported by my hardware?  Or do I just not have something configured correctly?

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