Ryzen APU iGPU Passthrough

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5 hours ago, L0rdRaiden said:

I have a ryzen 2400g is there any way to passthrough the iGPU to win 10?

I read somewhere that it might require kernel 2.16, it's true? Can't I do it with the current version?


I don't think ryzen was released when kernel 2.16 was released ?

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On 6/30/2018 at 5:40 AM, L0rdRaiden said:

I have a ryzen 2400g is there any way to passthrough the iGPU to win 10?

Have you tried this or otherwise found any concrete information about it? It seems pretty much nobody is trying to pass through Raven Ridge integrated Vega graphics, and every question I've found on the subject is either unanswered, misunderstood, or met with misinformation such as "you need two GPUs and the iGPU must be left to the host." I'm shopping for new hardware and would love to give Ryzen a chance, but if this is still a gray area, I'll have to go with Intel (where iGPU passthrough is widely supported).

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So I've managed to get something similar working on an older A10-6700.


The trick was to set the Bios and Unraid to use a external GPU. And assign the APU GPU to a VM. Then restart, as AMD's GPUs don't like being reasigned or the VM there given to restarting. 


Hope this helps.



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