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(18x) 20% off coupon codes, http://custom.cablemod.com

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ASUS is running a promotion with Cablemod for the gamers, okay assumption - users, who really want to pimp their rig. Typically I just through these pieces of paper away as no parties interested don't want it.  So before I toss these pieces of paper, anyone interested in 20%-off at http://custom.cablemod.com ?


Doing this first come first serve as these are unique coupon-codes.  

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I have three  two requests; I'll PM the codes tonight - after work. 

Currently one left; I'll continue to collect these as I see them and post again if/when I get some.


EDIT 7/10/2018: Count is now back to three.

Edited by Jcloud
Miscounted / updated info.

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22 hours ago, JoeUnraidUser said:

Could I have one?  Thanks...

Sent in private message. 

The count is now 22.

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7 hours ago, Douglas_D said:

Hey Jcloud, do you still have any codes hanging around? Thanks in advance.

Sent in private message. The count is still at 22.

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