Can't find on the network

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My main UNRAID is working well, but tried a new build today and having issues...


PIcked up a DELL Poweredge R610, which has the H7000 raid controller. Not worried about that at the moment, will either flash it or replace with a PICe sata controller.


Anyway, I make a USB boot flash drive with the OSX creator, I set a server name, ARCHIVE-3.


I've tried both with DHCP and also manually assigned IP, however when I boot I get the usual unRAID startup, and all is well at the console control prompt. However, the server name has defaulted to Tower and a random ip address outwith what my DHCP server is set for. It is saying when I tried to set it for


If I try to login at console with root.(blank) it logs in ok, but can't find the webGUI at either Tower.local or


If I try the UNRAID GUI it doesn't find the GUI either....


Any thoughts? Strange why the server doesn't act on the flash boot config???

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35 minutes ago, jonathanm said:

Is there an LED showing a live connection at the NICs and switch? 169.254.x.x implies that the box was able to get a link, but not find a DHCP server. Perhaps try switching cables around or plug it in to a different port on the switch or router.


Green light at NICs and switch. Swapped cables and ports around, still the same...


I'm wondering id there's a weird setting in the R610 BIOS, got lots of oprions for NICs.. :(

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On 7/8/2018 at 6:46 PM, Lenny Warren said:

Weirdly enough, UNRAID finds the PERC H700 drives... Thought this wasn't meant to work?

No, unRAID found my drives on my T310 with the H700, I just had to set them up individually as RAID 0. The configuration is not straightforward, but "do-able." After my experience, I would have gone with the H200 so that I could put it into an IT mode, but for now, I am fine with the H700.

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