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Unraid configuration disappeared from WEBUI


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First: Thanks for makeing this awesome softeware and continuing to improve it!


Now my problem:

My server is running Unraid 6.5.3.
I had just created a new vm, and when i came back to the main web ui tab, i saw a notification that "system notification is disabled".
I checked my settings and saw that all of them had default values all of a sudden.

From the main tab, i can no longer see any installed apps or VM`s, and all the shares are set to public settings.


I do have the "Unassigned Devices" plugin installed, and my boot device is now listed there.(Without me setting it up)
Even though no apps are displayed running/installed,(OpenVPN,etc..) They still run in the background, and i can login and so forth.
The logs are going crazy with :

Jul  9 00:26:57 Motherbase kernel: blk_partition_remap: fail for partition 1

My server is at a remote location, so i am sceptical to try and reboot it.

Is there any way i can try and reload the boot USB?





Edit 1 hour later:
As the log docker  was starting to fill up, i feared it was going to crash.
So i went ahead and took a reboot. The system went up again without a hitch, and all my settings was restored.





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Thanks for the tip.

I do suspect that i did plug it into a USB 3.0 port, because my motherboard would not boot the usb-stick when it was inserted into the 2.0 port. (Maybe the backwards compability fails?)
Is there any long term negative effects by haveing it plugged in a USB 3.0 port?

Since the reboot i have not logged any errors. 

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7 minutes ago, rvddx said:

Is there any long term negative effects by haveing it plugged in a USB 3.0 port?

USB 3.0 are a know problem for several users where the flash drive keeps dropping offline, though it does work for some without issues, if it happens again you should really switch to 2.0

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