Can't Delete file. Permission question

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Pretty fluent with linux........ ok to a degree.  I know I am having a permission issue.   Using nzbget in docker.   Files are being saved as nobody:users.    My user is say bob on samba.  When I try to delete files from my windows box (or any other device) I don't have permission to delete.   

How do I make it that my user can have rights to delete or modify? 


Add bob to the Users group?  I think that user is.  

I understand that any " user" on unraid is a samba user and not a true linux user.    


Please advise. 



edit****** I ran the tool under tools for docker safe new permissions.  I excluded every folder I have except my download folder.  that worked.    I dont' want to always run that (or go and manually chown all files) when I want to delete something.........

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