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No data writing to newly added drive in array

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Unraid: 6.5.0

Originally had a single 8tb drive in my array, it sent me a low disk space notice somewhere around 4tb free.

Once it got down to 2.5tb free I added a 2tb drive to the array.  It still hasn't written any files to the new drive after another 500gb or so written to the 8tb drive which is now about 2tb free.

All shares are set to Allocation method: High-Water but nothing is getting written to the new drive....ideas?

All Shares are set to Included disks: All


Is there something I should change to get unraid to start writing to the newly added 2tb drive?

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Thanks Johnnie, for some reason I had it in my head that it would move to another disk after the first disk was 50% full so I expected it to happen at 4tb in this case.

The link explains it clearly.

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