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Changing the unRAID GUI login background?

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I'm hoping to change it from it's green galaxy with the unRAID logo to a custom 'aperture laboratories' or 'black mesa' background so during the few seconds of boot that occur once a year my fedora and the crippling fear of living in my mothers basement for the rest of my life can be justified.

If it's not just an image file is anyone familiar with a good system or workflow to enable its change?

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You mean something like this:




Copy the file to your flash drive (named something like background.jpg)


Add the following to you go file (config folder on the flash drive) before the emhttp line

cp /boot/background.jpg /usr/share/slim/themes/default/background.jpg


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On behalf of everyone, everywhere, who's ever been anywhere, you make all of our lives better.

Thank you.

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If you're stuck living in your parent's basement, then you definitely needed something to pick you up :)  

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@Squid, sorry but I have been unsuccessful so far.

Here's a photo of my login screen for the boot gui:



And here's a photo of the modified code:



And here's a photo of the image I'm trying to replace


And here's a photo of where that photo is located



ANYTHING you can tell me would help. AND if you thought I was talking about something else could clarify what that other thing was?


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2 things:


It's a .png you've saved onto the flash drive, not a .jpg.  Convert it to be a .jpg called background.jpg

The cp command should be before the line that has emhttp in it.

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