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Creating Dockers for Unraid

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I want to develop my own docker, i have dabbled with this in a standard Linux environment, but how would i go about developing one specifically for unraid.

If someone could point me in the right direction on this.  Maybe just an overview of how its done im sure I can figure the rest out.  I would like for it to one day be a community app that anyone could quickly install.


Thanks for any help in advance.


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There is no fundamental difference between a container running in a "standard linux" environment vs one running on unRaid.  After all, unRaid does run on linux.


Pretty much, the only "gotcha" however is the same gotcha on any environment.  Support an environment variable that allows you to set the group / user id so that permissions on any written file outside the container will be accessible and modifiable by the user.


LSIO as an example, I'm sure doesn't have 10,000,000+ pulls on their Plex container purely from unRaid.

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