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Airserver within KVM Mac High Sierra


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Unfortunately, I cannot get Airserver to run within my Hackintosh KVM. It works flawless with my iMac connected to the same network.


Airserver is a software that allows to use a Mac as airplay receiver, so that I can airplay to speakers connected to the Mac.


I can install airsever in the KVM and it does not give any error messages when running. However, when airplaying to it, it says that it is not on the same network.


I suspect that there is either some form of firewall as part of the KVM or the network bridge (br0) makes KVM appear on a different network / blocked.


Any thoughts?

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Do Apple continuity features (iMessage, basic AirPlay, etc) work? Most hardware hackintosh builds I've seen over at tonymacx86 recommend a specific wifi card ($20-ish) for maximum compatibility. If continuity as a whole is broken, then passing through that wifi card might be the least time-consuming option.

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