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Error Log filled to 100% in 1day 47min with this

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Hi Guys,


I've worked through most of the notifications that I've gotten in the fix common problems plugin, this morning I had a notice that stated /var/log is a 100% full and something that was referring to a trace back call? Both these have disappeared after a reboot.


But I can see in the logging an error is just repeating, so I'll have that log fill up quite quickly again. Please see image attached for error.

Error log.jpg

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This is usually caused by a PCIe device, it can be fixed by moving the offending device to a different PCIe slot, updating the bios or adding pci=nommconfto your syslinux.cfg after append initrd=/bzroot, so it would look like:


append initrd=/bzroot pci=nommconfto



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Thanks, appreciate the info.  I suspect it must be one of the GPU's, will be putting them through their paces tonight, if there isn't any instability issues. I'll just use the syslinux fix.


For some reason I now have a craving for whiskey.

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Did you ever figure out if this was a GPU?  I have an issue where my GPU is freezing during a game a lot (for a few seconds (long enough for me to die)) and I have these errors in my log over and over.  I'm on 6.7.0 RC7 so the issue has been around a while!346238050_ScreenShot2019-04-23at09_55_15.thumb.png.b0d8c437f671cd1e5b21094ee76931d7.png


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Added example image.

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