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mover wont move system files from cache disk


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HI All


OK, I am building a new UnRAID server and am currently trialling my setup on a trial key.


I have an issue because the system share has been created with the default "prefer" option set for use cache disk. I want to get this data back into the protected array as I only want my VMs on this cache disk.


I have set use cache disk to "yes" and invoked mover... but there is 22Gb of data still on the cache drive and it wont move it off. I am guessing it might be something to do with the fact that it is system files... but can anyone help me move this data back?


Thanks in advance

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OK, thats cleared most of it... but there was 1Gb remaining in a file called libvirt.img... thanks to your pointer Johnnie... I realised that this was the VM file - so I disabled VMs and re-ren mover and now /system is back on the protected array :)


Many thanks for your help.


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