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Constant Writes to SSD

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So for a couple months now I have been monitoring my drive writes with Grafana and I have noticed that something is constantly writing to my nvme ssd to the tune of 30GB a day.


I however am struggling to figure out what is causing it.


At first I assumed it was the influxdb for grafana but I put that on another disk and it did not help.

At this point I have moved all databases/downloading onto other drives to try and isolate the problem. I also moved the docker image to another disk.

The only notable things that exists on the NVME drive at this point is a plex database, docker image, docker config files


Using grafana I pulled the docker io_service_bytes_recursive_write value and discovered that docker has only written 737MB in the past two days to all drives.

I also have live monitoring of writes using field(write_bytes) Mean() non_negative_derivative(1s) which shows 1MB/s every 20-30 seconds or so. My grafana database receives data from the server every 10s.


So far I have tried a few command line utils but they just show total writes across the system which is not helpful to me.

On thing I did notice while trying this was btrfs_transacti having a decent amount of writes.

Only problem is that my server has 3 ssds with btrfs and they are all used for various things.


How can I figure out what is doing this?

It has written 61GB in 44 hours, about 1.38GB per hour, which is just insane.

I almost want to just completely wipe the drive and unraid install off the usb and start with a fresh config.


System Info:

R720 XD

960 Pro 512GB nvme

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Open Files Plugin.  But, the most obvious answer is either a VM's vdisk, or a docker app.

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