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(closed) Check your adblocker when enabling SSL


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User shares not showing up. Went through all the steps in the update log and made I didn't have any of the plugins installed that were causing issues in 6.4 or 6.5 releases. When the array is online, accessing the shares via SMB works just fine. Nothing apparent in the logs as to why the user shares aren't showing up in the web GUI.


Not sure if it's a bug or something I messed up. All my data is intact, and I could probably recreate all the user shares as I had them. Just wondering why they aren't showing up or automatically appearing since the data at the root level of the drives should automatically create a share.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


EDIT: (CLOSED) It was AdBlock of all things. After creating an SSL certificate for logon, the new URL was not whitelisted by adblock, and for some reason it only blocked the user shares portion of the GUI.

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