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I am designing and build a Ryzen 5 2600 Plex server using dual 16GB usbs with UNRAID in Mirror, my question to you all is can I completely setup UNRAID on a separate system and use ethernet then transfer UNRAID to the Plex server or do I need a cheap video card in the plex server when setting up

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3 minutes ago, Plex101 said:

dual 16GB usbs with UNRAID in Mirror


Are you referring to the flash drive unRAID boots from? If so, it doesn't really make much sense to try to do this.


The rest of your question also is very unclear. Plex Server has no video requirements of its own, since it just serves media streams to Plex Clients. I have no idea what you mean when you say

7 minutes ago, Plex101 said:

transfer UNRAID to the Plex server


Typically, people run Plex Server on unRAID and also store their media on unRAID. Another approach is to store media files on unRAID but run Plex Server on another computer but I don't see any clear advantage to that approach. I think there may be some who have Plex server accessing media from multiple unRAID servers. In that case Plex Server may be running on only one of the unRAID instances or possibly on some other computer entirely.


Try again to explain what you want to do.



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