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Cache Drive Full - Mover Skips Files?


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Hello All,


Got a quick query for those in the know...slowly my cache drives have been filling up (2x SSD 128GB) and even though the mover is triggered, it never actually appears to do anything.  I've seen some other topics on a similiar issue, but I'm not really sure what the 'fix' is.


Attached a quick picture of the system log, it also mentions write errors, but I'm not sure if that's happening because the cache drive is full?  The ACPI buffer errors in the log are due to a bug in the HP server bios I think so can be ignored.

If anyone has a few mins to have a peek at the attachments please, and can shed any light on the issue, I would be forever thankful. :)



Chris :)



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Thanks for the reply.


I changed the shares to use the cache drive and invoked the mover, but it still appears to be seeing the same problem (see screenshot).


I'm not quite sure how the cache drive is supposed to work.....I thought the mover would copy data from the cache to the array, but it appears to be trying to copy data to the cache drive instead?







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